Effectiveness Scan

The effectiveness scan consists of 3 steps:

1. Introduction and request for help

We start with a digital introduction. You tell me something about your plan, where you are in the process (is it still in development or is it already being implemented?) and what you might encounter. Together we make an inventory of documents that are relevant to send to me for the scan.

2. Analysis using the EBW Method.

Using the EBW Method, I will analyze your plan. Does your plan contain the right ingredients to be effective? What are strong elements? And what needs to be sharpened or supplemented to be effective?

3. Presentation of findings

In a digital conversation, I report my findings back to you. On 1 A-4 you will receive my most important findings.

It is then your responsibility to get started on the plan. Of course, as an additional service, I can help you with that. Read more about my coaching here.

Would you like to know more about the effectiveness scan? Then schedule a no-obligation digital appointment here so we can further explore your questions in 30 minutes.