Justice Department research interventions for deradicalization and disengagement

Oct. 29, 2021

Commissioned by the Department of Correctional Institutions (DJI), I conducted an evaluation study in collaboration with RadarAdvies on the total range of interventions for deradicalization and disengagement. This offer can be used for detainees suspected or convicted of a terrorist crime and for detainees who show signs of radicalization. The study contributes to knowledge about the use and effectiveness of the current range of interventions and offers tools for the further development and evaluation of interventions.

One of the conclusions is that opportunities for further development lie in the more effective use of the existing range of interventions, partly by increasing awareness of these interventions among both professionals and detainees. We also make recommendations for more evidence-based work, for example by making the objectives of interventions more concrete and offering support to implementers in plan and process evaluations.

We conducted the research through document review, literature review, interviews and working sessions. A total of 54 respondents were interviewed, including implementers of interventions (mental health workers from the DJI, Reclassering Nederland, the LSE and the Waag), municipalities, professionals at the TAs (terrorism units) and detainees at the three TAs (Vught, Zwolle, de Schie).

We are pleased that with this study we were able to contribute to further development of the supply of interventions and that many of our recommendations are being followed up by the Ministers of Justice and Security and Legal Protection.

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